I work extensively with people of all ages, from primary to secondary, with adults with learning difficulties, elderly people and also deliver workshops to other artists. I work inside and outside the National Curriculum and support students to work with sketchbooks, starting off by showing them my own sketchbooks. I have also worked with students to use print in a variety of ways to make flags, costumes, books, banners, models and more.  I’m available to work anything from a half day session to full week residencies, please contact me for more information:

I also deliver workshops that support the themes of my own work and exhibitions. For example, alongside Here We Live, I worked with students from Carlton Bolling College, Bradford, to create their own portraits of business owners on Otley Road, which were later exhibited in the shop windows.  Artist Michelle Wren then worked with a group of students using our process and took our prints to make into 3D models that were exhibited in The Learning Room, Cartwright Hall.

I offer workshops in the following media:
Printmaking: linocut, woodcut, etching, monoprint, and screen print.
Handmade books
Drawing and painting
Collage and mixed media
Paper mache puppet and mask making
Murals, posters and banners.
Cartoons and illustration